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Automobile Shelf:  With the development of Chinese automobile industry, all kinds of 4S shop of various autos is growing rapidly in many cities all over the country. In order to adapt with the demands of the market and based on the requirements of automotive components warehouse for TOYOTA, Volkswagen, Hyundai, FIAT, the company developed tyre racking, vehicle body components rack, antisqueak rack, various plastic casing and tray for storing small components, big and small label for storage management and plastic tag bar to be easily move and modify to meet various demands for automotive components accessing. According to different development stage and actual layout, the company could design all sorts of reasonable plan of single storage rack, bottom storage rack with two layers reserved (for supplement afterward), and two average layers racks.Automotive components warehouse rack is elaborate structure with good looking. According to different CI symbol of various autos, the rack surface could be paint as different colors. Huade Company has configured hundreds of automotive components warehouse racks all over the country and is praised by our clients.
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